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Kia ora and welcome to Hutt United Hockey Club!

Hockey is a fantastic sport, and we have put together some “must-know” information to

support your hockey player (and your whole whānau) to get underway.

Hockey is a winter sport, with the season starting at the beginning of term 2 and running

through to the end of term 3. Junior teams practice once a week and games are played on

Saturday mornings.

Hockey is great for kids! Playing hockey improves coordination and balance, builds

teamwork, enhances mental strength and cardio fitness.


ALL TAMARIKI NEED A MOUTHGUARD! You'll find these at the Warehouse, at the

supermarket (in the medical area) and at any sports shop. Mouthguards are critical for safety

and without one a child can't play (or train even). Each player will also need a stick, shin

pads and long socks. Tell us if you need a stick, as we have some spares. Shin pads can

be found at all sports shops. Club socks can be bought via CUS and we will provide you the

link for ordering.

We'll give every kid a playing top for the season. They will wear black shorts or leggings

underneath and can wear long polyprops under the hockey top in the winter.


HUHC club has club gear available through CUS during the season. You can buy socks, winter hoodies, anything you want here. The Club will let all players know when orders open and close. Hoodies can be ordered with a name printed on them, so they are less likely to be lost!


Gear checklist:


  • Mouthguard

  • Hockey stick

  • Shin pads

  • Long socks

  • Water bottle


  • Club hoodie (also available through CUS)

  • Polyprops or skins for upper and lower body - it can be icy cold at every one of the hockey turfs in the middle of winter

  • Hockey gloves, help with gripping the stick and provide a little bit of insulation against the cold

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