Senior Hockey

When are club trials?
Open Grade Premier and Reserves 

Women (All Grades)    Saturday 20 February    2.00pm-4.00pm    NHS 3
Men (All Grades)          Saturday 20 February    2.00pm-4.00pm    NHS 1
Women (P1 Only)          Sunday 21 February       3.00pm-5.00pm    NHS 3

1.    All players are required to register prior to trials.  
2.    If you haven’t registered and attend trials, you will be required to register on the day using your smartphone.
3.    If you are interested in playing this season and unable to make trials, register now so we can ensure you will be included in team selection discussions.

    Please note:  Once you have registered, you will receive a Unique Club Identifier via email. Open Grade players will require this Unique Club Identifier in order to participate in trials.

How do I register?
Complete your registration by clicking the link below OR scanning our QR Code.  
    HUHC Online Registration Form HERE
    HUHC QR Code  

o    Note:  To use the QR code, simply open your smartphone’s camera and aim it at the QR code. 












All players are required to register before they take the field.  Whether you are returning or new to the club, you will need to register and provide all your details.  



With Level 2 COVID being upon us again, this message is to remind you of the required COVID procedures and to assure you that the Club is doing what is necessary to keep you and yours safe as we get started for the 2021 season. 

  • Our upcoming open grade trial events can go ahead provided each hockey turf has less than 100 - this will be the case for trials, games and practices so we can keep operating.

  • All people, adults and juniors, wanting to play for the club should register using the registration QR code on the HUHC Facebook page, regardless of whether you can attend trials. This will then give us info to communicate next steps. This registration info will also provide us with contact info if required.

  • COVID-19 tracing – please sign in via the COVID-19 tracer app at all the Hockey venues.  All groups should congregate in the area they are trialing, practicing or playing on (i.e., if you are on NHS 1 go there, don’t hang out by NHS 2)

  • Take personal responsibility for your health and hygiene - don’t come if you are unwell, wash your hands, cough into your arm and BYO Drink bottles - please avoid filling them at facilities to reduce transmission risk.

  • You should social distance as necessary

  • The Club will have hand sanitiser at trials and once trainings/games start, team managers will carry some in their kit.

  • If level 2 continues we will have team managers being responsible for noting who attends practices and games and provide that information to WHA

  • WHA has more details on their website about their protocols


Any concerns questions email the club on

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