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Hutt United Honour Role

Life Members

Jill Merrick

Bob Merrick

Maggie Lee

Lorrainne Holley

Prue Fagg

Helen Latham

Selina Maru

Janet Marsh

Treena Fitness

Bev Robinson

Nin Roberts

Romain Busby

 Alan Faisandier

Faye Sinclair

Dave Falconer

Rob Donald

Peter Miskimmin

John Adair

Brent Miskimmin

Jackie Nuthall

Laurie Gallen

Warren Devereux

Sally Lancashire

Anthony Messenger 

Sheldon Bruce

Robert McIntyre 

Andy Jensen

Ani Roberts

Stephen Jenness

Daina Ratana

Megan Wakefield

Alistair McIntyre

Cath Taylor

NZ Representatives

H. (Bob) Lusty (1927) (Hutt)

Fred Thorp (1931) (Hutt)

Eddie McLeod (1935) (Hutt)

Ross McCormack (1973) (Hutt)

Brent Miskimmin (1978) 43 caps (Hutt)

Peter Miskimmin (1978) 150 caps (Hutt)

Laurie Gallen (1983) 53 caps (Hutt)

Grant McMinn (1989) 8 caps (Hutt)

Suzie Muirhead (1996) 238 caps (Eastern)

Emily Gillam (1997) 17 caps (Eastern)

Andrew Buckley (2000) 70 caps (Hutt)

Hugh Biss (2000) 3 caps (Hutt)

Niniwa Roberts (2001) 141 caps (Eastern)

Lisa Bishop (2001) 17 caps (Eastern)

Beth Jurgeleit (2003) 105 caps (Hutt)

Scott Falconer (2006) 2 caps (Hutt)

Joel Baker (2009) 31 caps (Hutt)

Stephen Jenness (2010) 254* (Hutt)

Alex Shaw (2012) 86 caps (Hutt)

Aniwaka Roberts (2012) 67 caps(Eastern)

Harry Miskimmin (2016) 56 caps (Hutt)


(year first selected playing from HHC or EHHC)

* denotes current national Squad Member

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